Samsung Note 9 Price, Specs, Colors and Deals Review

I’ve always adored the idea and the execution of Samsung’s Galaxy notice phones.

Samsung already had its flagship Galaxy S phones that have been tremendous, however, the notice kicked issues up a notch.

The Galaxy S telephones had big displays, but the word all the time seemed to have an even bigger reveal, a bigger battery, a faster processor, greater storage — and a better cost.

Samsung Note 9 image

Oh, and it had the S Pen stylus.

I’m dazzling certain Apple had notice phones in intellect remaining yr when it added the iPhone X alongside the iPhone eight and 8 Plus. It wanted to sell a telephone that had “extra.”

There are two types of individuals who exercise Galaxy notice phones: those that are looking to exercise the stylus and those who just want a very large, among the finest cellphone. It’s the flagship cellphone on steroids.

Samsung has always been be a bit of forward of Apple when it involves handset design.

Earlier than the iPhone X, the Galaxy S 8’s display went from area to side and extremely close to the precise and backside of the mobile’s face.

This yr., the Galaxy S 9 took its design cues from the S 8 and up to date every little thing. Likewise with the observe 9: It doesn’t appear an awful lot distinctive from the observe 8, however everything is a step up.

There are handiest so many design adjustments you could make to a smartphone. Samsung’s and Apple’s handsets seem to be resplendent equivalent for a intent — they work.

Now that we’ve a design that’s becoming standardized full display, no entrance button, it’s natural to make advancements beneath the hood.

All of us gravitate to the usual, and all of us love to own the newest and top-quality. The observe 9 is each and probably the most expensive.


I love a mobile phone that has it all.

The Galaxy Note 9 is developed round a pretty 6.four-inch Amole screen with a decision of 1.”440 by using 2,960 pixels. The monitor is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and it’s HDR10 compliant. It’s about as big and horrible as telephones get this present day.

A be aware: Out of the box, the decision for the Note 9 is 1.”080 by using 2,220 pixels. in case you are looking to see the monitor in all its glory, go to the screen settings and alter the decision. You’ll consume more battery lifestyles, but oh, is it value it.

The cell has an at all times-on reveal that uses little or no power to preserve the time, date and different notifications on the display, even when the cellphone is dozing.

It runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with configurations as much as 8 gigabytes of RAM and 512 GB of inside storage. It has a micro SD card slot for as much as 512 GB of extra storage.

The working device is Android 8.1 Oreo.

The main camera points dual 12-megapixel sensors, one with a 26mm lens and one with a 52mm lens. The selfie digital has an 8 MP sensor. The cameras are outstanding.

For connectivity, it has 4G LTE, 801.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC.

It connects to your desktop or a charger via USB-C cable. The Note 9 can additionally cost wirelessly.

Speaking of charging, the Note 9 has a 4000 milliamp-hour battery, which is the biggest I’ve seen on a cell.

To unencumber the telephone, the observe 9 can spend an iris scanner or a rear-installed fingerprint sensor that’s observed under the leading digital lens. That’s a growth, however it’s nevertheless a bit too near the lenses for me to preserve my massive fingers off the lenses when I try to press my finger to the sensor.

i will say that Samsung has the simplest fingerprint learning system. Conveniently swipe your finger on the button from accurate to backside two instances and your fingerprint is captured. It’s excellent.

Bodily the telephone measures 6.37 by 3.01 by means of 0.35 inches and weighs 7.09 oz.

Oh, and it nevertheless has a headphone jack.

S Pen and other points

The hallmark of the aware line of phones has all the time been the stylus, referred to as the S Pen. The pen will also be used precisely as you’d expect, to write on the display for taking notes or marking up pictures. Which you can also utilize it as you could possibly a finger, to select and inaugurate apps and for greater accurate enter on menus and small buttons.

This year’s S Pen has a button that can act like a tiny faraway manage to snap photographs, increase slides or start to the next music on a playlist.

The Note 9 additionally has a function known as DeX that means that you can plug the cell into a laptop computer screen with a USB-C to HDMI adapter and exhaust it with a track pad and keyboard like a mini computer desktop.

It worked, nonetheless it wasn’t the most desirable computing journey I ever had. Really, it’s now not really a characteristic I found I’d consume much, if in any respect.

I’ve certainly not been partial to Samsung’s voice assistant called Bixby, youngsters he’s getting stronger.

The observe 9 has a dedicated Bixby button on the left facet, however that you may name him up by way of asserting “what’s up, Bixby.” And no, which you can’t map that button to do the rest.

Pricing and availability

Samsung is happy with the Galaxy observe 9. There are two configurations — 128 Gb of storage with 6 Gb of RAM for $1,000 or 512 Gb and eight Gb of RAM for $1.”250.

These prices are near the iPhone X, which has two configurations at $999 and $1.”149 however half the storage of the Note 9 and no micro SD slot.

That you may purchase a observe 9 unlocked from Samsung or marketers like Amazon, most useful buy, Costco, target and Walmart.

It’s additionally purchasable from the large four carriers, most of which have promos and offers to make the telephone more affordable. Discuss with your carrier for more details.

The Note 9 is accessible in ocean blue deep blue or lavender purple.


The Note 9 is the most reliable Android handset. Duration.

Heck, for $1,000, it had improved be the most advantageous. Is it worth the rate? I consider so.

It has a battery and reveal that runs circles round my iPhone 8 Plus. It has big storage and RAM and a very remarkable processor.

I’m an iPhone user, so I’m ready to peer what Apple broadcasts in a few weeks. I’m more than possible sticking with Apple, but when i needed to change to Android, or if I were a longtime Android person, I’d buy the Note 9 in a heartbeat — which, incidentally, the Note 9 can measure with a constructed-in coronary heart rate sensor along with a pulse oximetry.

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